Strength through diversity
In our Trust, we celebrate the rich and diverse communities that make up our academies. Sharing, listening to and respecting each other’s views and beliefs make out Trust stronger. We support each other, honouring our different backgrounds, to create a safe and equal environment for all.
Ambition through challenge
We are fiercely ambitious for all our students and challenge them to do their best, every lesson, every day. We check their achievement and progress against the highest national standards. This ensure that we are always looking for ways to improve, and that we insist, relentlessly on the highest standards of teaching and learning. Everyone in the Trust is continually challenged to improve on their previous best.

Excellence through curiosity
Curiosity is the engine of intellectual achievement. In our Trust, we encourage and provoke pupils’ curiosity so that they are inspired to seek out new knowledge, learn new skills and achieve excellence. Curiosity is closely linked to empathy, helping us all to develop better relationships. The life of a curious person is never boring!

Welcome from our CEO

“I feel privileged to have held the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Summit Learning Trust since May 2017.

“Currently Summit Learning Trust includes four primary and three secondary schools and Solihull Sixth Form College. We now provide an education for over 8000 children and young people; some of our children are with us from age 5 to age 18.

We have a clear duty to provide the best education possible for this significant group of learners in the great city of Birmingham.

We are blessed with a richly diverse community across the Trust, and celebrate the wealth of opportunities this brings for learning about a range of different cultures, heritages, backgrounds and experiences. We are entirely committed to the promotion of equality across Summit LT at all levels, in terms of opportunities offered, challenge given and standards achieved. During my tenure, the proportion of women leaders and leaders of colour has already increased significantly, providing more strong and diverse role models for our students.

The Trust name changed at the beginning of 2019 to signal a new and ambitious direction with the clear metaphor of climbing to reach the highest peaks of educational excellence for all. We aim for the summit: we want our pupils to have a superb educational experience that would match any in the country.

For schools, being part of our Summit LT family means that they benefit from a wide range of expertise, support and challenge from a dedicated Executive team. Through our developing people strategy, including family friendly policies and flexible working opportunities, we aim to support all our staff.

Colleagues work with each other across schools to share excellent practice and offer support if needed. Our ambitious leaders and well-trained, dedicated teachers and staff are all committed to providing the best education possible for pupils.

We are committed to providing vibrant learning communities in our schools, where everyone is happy and safe. We want all our students to have as many choices in life as possible, when they leave us. To support this, we focus on providing a rich, exciting and broad curriculum that builds knowledge, cultural capital and develops essential skills and resilience.  Students are entitled to make excellent progress and achieve great examination outcomes too – and we strive to ensure that this happens in all our schools and college.

To find out more information about individual schools, please visit their websites.”
Catherine Anwar – CEO


News & Updates

What's been happening across Summit Learning Trust

October 9

Anti-Discrimination Statement – 9th October 2020

September 14

Covid-19 update from CEO of Summit Learning Trust – Monday 14th September 2020

We’ve all been delighted to welcome our pupils and students back to their academies over the last two weeks. Without exception, and because of the excellent preparation and planning by our site teams and academy leaders, the return to school has gone extremely smoothly. Pupils and students have behaved incredibly well, and teachers report that they are all […]

July 31


July 29

Education Director – Secondary/6th Form – we are recruiting!

We are using executive recruitment company Perrett Laver to recruit for the exciting role of Education Director for Secondary/6th Form. Please take a look at the below document for more information and get in touch with Perrett Laver if you would like to chat about the role.

June 5

Summit Learning Trust – Black Lives Matter Statement – 05.06.2020

Summit Learning Trust is appalled at the murder of George Floyd in the United States of America on May 25. We support the peaceful protests that so many have taken part in to show solidarity with this cause. We recognise that racism is not just an American issue. Our Trust is entirely committed to fighting […]

May 22

UPDATED 29/05/2020 – Plans for our academies from June 1st 2020

Summit Learning Trust Academies –  plans from week commencing June 1st   The Summit Learning Trust places the welfare of pupils,  staff and our communities at the forefront of our work at all times. This is why we took our original decision not to open from June 1st for all the groups identified by the government, […]



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