Strength through diversity
In our Trust, we celebrate the rich and diverse communities that make up our academies. Sharing, listening to and respecting each other’s views and beliefs make out Trust stronger. We support each other, honouring our different backgrounds, to create a safe and equal environment for all.
Ambition through challenge
We are fiercely ambitious for all our students and challenge them to do their best, every lesson, every day. We check their achievement and progress against the highest national standards. This ensure that we are always looking for ways to improve, and that we insist, relentlessly on the highest standards of teaching and learning. Everyone in the Trust is continually challenged to improve on their previous best.

Excellence through curiosity
Curiosity is the engine of intellectual achievement. In our Trust, we encourage and provoke pupils’ curiosity so that they are inspired to seek out new knowledge, learn new skills and achieve excellence. Curiosity is closely linked to empathy, helping us all to develop better relationships. The life of a curious person is never boring!





Welcome from our CEO

I am proud to have held the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Summit Learning Trust since May 2017, and proud of all we have achieved since then.

Summit Learning Trust includes four primary and three secondary schools and The 6th Form College, Solihull. We now provide an education for almost 8000 children and young people; some of our children are with us from age 5 to age 18.

We are blessed with a richly diverse community across our Trust, and we celebrate the wealth of opportunities this brings for learning about a range of different cultures, heritages, backgrounds and experiences. We are entirely committed to challenging all discrimination and to actively promoting equality, diversity and social justice across our Trust at all levels. We have Anti-Discrimination and Diversity steering groups in all our academies and centrally, and we review opportunities offered, challenge given and standards achieved by all groups of pupils and staff. During my tenure, the proportion of women leaders and leaders of colour has already increased significantly, providing more strong and diverse role models for our students.

Our Trust name from 2019 signals our relentless ambition, reflected by the clear metaphor of climbing to reach the highest peaks of educational and personal excellence for all. We aim for the summit: we want all our pupils to have a superb educational experience that would match any in the country.

For our academies, being part of our Summit family means that they benefit from a wide range of expertise, support and challenge from dedicated Executive and Central Teams. Through our People Strategy, which includes family friendly policies and flexible working opportunities, we aim to support all our staff in terms of wellbeing and career development. I’m delighted that we’ve recently been awarded the Wellbeing Charter Mark in recognition of the priority we give to this area.  

Colleagues work with each other across academies to share excellent practice and offer support if needed. Our ambitious leaders and well-trained, dedicated teachers and staff are all committed to providing the best education possible for pupils.

The experience of the pandemic has thrown the benefits of being in our Trust into sharp relief. As a collective we have been able to offer quick and effective support to our Principals and staff over the last year. Our Central Teams have provided reassurance and practical support, and our Academy Improvement Team and collaborative networks have ensured excellent remote provision for our pupils and students. 

We are committed to providing vibrant learning communities in our schools, where everyone is happy and safe. We want all our students to have as many choices in life as possible, when they leave us. To support this, we focus on providing a rich, exciting and broad curriculum that builds knowledge, cultural capital and develops essential skills and resilience.  Students are entitled to be happy, make excellent personal progress and achieve great examination outcomes too – and we strive to ensure that this happens in all our academies.

I hope that you’ll be interested in finding out more information about Summit academies – please do visit their websites.

Catherine Anwar – CEO


News & Updates

What's been happening across Summit Learning Trust

February 26

Trust Virtual Awards Event

We are pleased to present our Summit Learning Trust Awards Celebration Video for the Academic Year 2019/20. It was such a shame to not be able host our event as normal back in October 2020 but we felt it important to mark the achievements and efforts of all of our students across the Trust during […]

February 23

#Fridayfeeling across Summit Learning Trust – 12.02.21

please view our ‘Friday Feeling’ video which gives you a glimpse into the wonderful things that have happened across our Trust over the course of this week. Enjoy and happy Friday!

February 9

Workplace Wellbeing Charter mark success!

Summit Learning Trust are delighted to announce they have recently been awarded the Workplace Wellbeing Charter!  Gaining the Charter is in recognition of all the fabulous health and wellbeing work and practices that are currently in place across the Trust and within academies. This is such an important milestone for the Trust, with the next […]

February 5

#Fridayfeeling across Summit Learning Trust – 05.02.2021

Introducing our latest feel good initiative, led by Principal of Cockshut Hill, Jason Bridges, please view our first ‘Friday Feeling’ video which gives you a glimpse into the wonderful things that have happened across our Trust over the course of this week. Enjoy and happy Friday!

January 27

Summit Academies receive positive parent feedback

Our secondary academies have been receiving some fantastic feedback from their parents and carers which means so much to our hardworking staff. It really does show what a positive impact they are all having on our students and pupils during this turbulent time. Please see below some examples.  ‘I think I can honestly say Cockshut […]

January 26

Letter to Parents & Carers from Cathy Anwar, CEO – Tuesday 26th January 2021

Please see the link below for a letter from Cathy Anwar, our CEO for all parents & carers across Summit Learning Trust.



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