CBSO and Ninestiles Academy Trust

Kate Purchase

11 June 2018

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CBSO and Ninestiles Academy Trust

CBSO and Ninestiles Academy Trust Project Performance 

Over this academic year, our Trust schools have been working on a project with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) on a project incorporating art and music.  On the Friday 8th June, the students and staff involved in the project came together with the CBSO to share the music they have been working on collaboratively. The theme of this year’s project was  ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ and students across the Trust created paintings to go alongside the musical performance.

The students had the amazing opportunity to share their performance on stage at The Symphony Hall, with the paintings created by Sixth Form College and Ninestiles students exhibited in the foyer for the audience to view.

Our primary students formed a choir to accompany our secondary students and the CBSO ensemble performing the set list below.



Primaries’ Promenade – CBSO ensemble

Ballet of Unhatched Chicks  – CBSO ensemble and Primary Choir

Ninestiles Promenade  – CBSO ensemble & Ninestiles

Kenilworth Castle – CBSO ensemble & Lyndon)

Cockshut Hill Promenade  – CBSO ensemble & Cockshut Hill

The Gnome – CBSO ensemble & Primary Choir

Birmingham Market – CBSO ensemble & Cockshut Hill

Lyndon Promenade  – CBSO ensemble & Lyndon

Catacombs  – CBSO ensemble & Primary Choir

Botanical Gardens – CBSO ensemble & Ninestiles School

Great Gate of Kiev  – CBSO ensemble & Primary Choir & All Secondaries


Parents of the students involved and many staff from across the Trust attended the event alongside our Trustees and Members and all enjoyed the varied and unique performances.

We would like to congratulate and say a big thank you to all students and staff involved in the project. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to get involved in. Well done all!


Please see below a selection of photographs from the evening.