The Oaklands Primary School - Library launches their new library!


24 October 2018

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The Oaklands Primary School – Library launches their new library!

On Wednesday 10th October, The Oaklands Primary School launched their brand new library. The school will use the new library as a centre for learning and a hub of excitement. What better way to do this than by having an exciting launch! In the weeks running up to the launch, the school were busy organising their new fantastic books and with the help of their student council and house captains, they transformed the once empty shelves into exciting, inviting spaces.

The school invited all those who had had an impact on their school’s journey so far to the launch and included Foyles, who had awarded them a grant to help create the amazing space. Catherine Anwar, our Trust’s CEO, cut the ribbon and the children flooded in to take a look around. Local Governors and parents of the school also attended and enjoyed watching two Year 6 pupils read a poem from the brilliant collection ‘A poem for every night of the year.’  

The Oaklands Primary School are on a mission  to ensure reading for pleasure is at the core of everything they do. The teachers want their children to be surrounded by unforgettable stories as well as interesting non-fiction texts. The opening of the library is only the start of this!