Academy Improvement Team

Summit Lead Practitioners (from 2020)

  • An expert team of subject and pedagogy experts who have passed a robust assessment process
  • Work 0.2 FTE across Trust academies, deployed by Education Directors,modelling excellent practice, supporting colleagues, coaching, researching and driving consistency in practice

How the team work :

  1. Summit has adapted Sir David Carter’s four Academy Designations – Stabilise, Repair, Improve and Sustain. All Directorates have specific criteria for each designation. Each academy is reviewed termly and given a designation.
  2. Education Directors operate in four Phases that are informed by and linked to the Designations. Each Phase reflects the degree of involvement and direction required by the academy at that point. Phases are reviewed on a termly basis.
  3. Performance review targets for Principals, Education Directors and the Academy Improvement Team are linked to moving upwards through the academy designations.

Summit Executive Directors

In addition to educational improvement designation criteria, all Executive Directors have designation criteria for academies, specific to their remit. These Designations are reviewed termly, and inform Directors’ work and level of involvement in academies.

Information from each directorate is taken into account for an academy’s overall Designation judgment.