Our curriculum intent and vision is underpinned by our Trust values and mission

Strength through Diversity

Ambition through Challenge

Excellence through Curiosity

At Summit our overarching curriculum aims to:

  • Promote social justice through the provision of a rich and relevant cultural capital curriculum that supports students’ learning in a wide range of subjects
  • Provoke ambition in our students by challenging them to engage with hard concepts
  • Inspire students to enjoy reflective and dynamic learning
  • Support our students to overcome disadvantage by equipping them with the deep knowledge and complex skills they will need to succeed in future education, work and life
  • Spark curiosity and excitement in students about the world, themselves and each other
  • Deliver coherence within and across subject areas so that students understand, learn how to remember, and make connections between the composite parts of the knowledge they are taught
  • Engender tolerance, optimism and hope in our students, to empower them to create a better world

Our academies will have additional, individual curriculum intent according to their ethos and context.

Our academies will map their curricula within and across subject areas, mindful of the foundations of the primary curriculum, and the future demands of further and higher education. Careful and intelligent consideration will be given to the selection of interleaved knowledge and skills across fourteen years of learning, from early years to 6th form. Our ‘Excellence in Teaching’ model of pedagogy, rooted in direct instruction, will support profound learning across a coherent curriculum experience for students.

Our academies will collaborate and share practice, planning and resources to reduce workload, and will be free to adapt their own curricula with respect to their particular context and needs.