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See below for issues affecting Summit Learning Trust IT services.


If you do not see an issue you are experiencing below, please contact our IT support team.




Last Updated : 15/06/2021 – 09:44am

17/05/2021(Solihull Sixth Form College)

  • 13:39

Status: Service restored


17/05/2021(Solihull Sixth Form College)

  • 10:40

We are experiencing issues with one of our servers, there may be issues accessing the hub/gateway page, scan to print and shared applications while we resolve the issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience,

we expect issues to be resolved by around 1pm.


12/05/2021(Exchange -Email)

  • 07:24

Status: Service restored


11/05/2021(Exchange -Email)

  • 08:58

Some users are unable to reply to email via Outlook on the web User Impact:

Users are unable to reply to email via Outlook on the web. More info: Users attempting to send a reply may receive an error message stating “This message can’t be sent right now. Please try again later. ChangeKey is required for this operation.” As a workaround, users are able to utilize the Outlook desktop client or Outlook mobile to send replies. Additionally, if users refresh the browser page they may experience temporary relief. Current status: We’ve confirmed that a recent service update contained a change in ChangeKey generation resulting in a contention with Outlook on the web, causing impact. We’ve disabled this change across all impacted infrastructure and are reaching out to impacted users to confirm this has mitigated impact.

10/05/2021(Exchange -Email)

  • 07:26

Status: Service restored


07/05/2021(Exchange -Email)

  • 09:36

Users may be unable to send or receive email messages through the Exchange Online service. Current status: We’re continuing to unblock the affected IP addresses and we’re monitoring the fix until impact has been fully mitigated. Scope of impact: This issue could potentially affect any user intermittently if their email messages are routed through multiple gateways.


27/04/2021(Microsoft Teams)

  • 14:48
Status: Service restored


27/04/2021(Microsoft Teams)

  • 13:44

Users able to access the Microsoft Teams may experience degraded performance with multiple features.

These include but are not limited to:


– Can’t send or receive messages

– Can’t join meetings

– Some channels may not appear

– Can’t join channels

– Can’t join chats


Current status:
We’ve identified the root cause as a recent configuration change. We’ve reverted the change and are seeing signs of recovery. Users still experiencing impact are encouraged to restart their client to expedite recovery.


27/04/2021(Microsoft Teams)

  • 11:53

Users may be unable to access Microsoft Teams.

More info: Users able to access Microsoft Teams may experience degraded performance with multiple features. Current status: Microsoft are analyzing system telemetry to isolate the source for the issue.

26/04/2021(Trust Websites)

  • 12:25

This issue has now been resolved and all websites are now displaying correctly


26/04/2021(Trust Websites)

  • 10:41

We are experiencing some disruptions with the websites not displaying correctly, We are working hard to resolve this issue.


  • 12:22

This issue has now been resolved



  • 07:19
Further to our earlier status we followed the necessary procedures to request a review on an incorrect flagging from Google and the warning messages were removed shortly after 15:30 yesterday afternoon.
Our Teams will continue to monitor to ensure the warnings were properly removed.



21/04/2021 – (CPOMS)

  • 14:47

We have some reports today that Google Chrome is serving some users with a ‘Deceptive site ahead’ warning as they try to access their CPOMS page. This is the same warning that we believe Google incorrectly applied in 2019 which they later removed on the same evening. We want to assure users that there is nothing wrong with CPOMS and that it is functioning normally.

In order to access your site as normal, please use Internet Explorer / Edge etc (Windows Users) and Opera (Mac Users).

We are doing everything we can to expedite a resolution from Google and will seek to have the warning removed as soon as is practically possible. In the meantime we want to apologise for any inconvenience caused and reassure you that CPOMS can be accessed as normal via the browsers noted above.